The Philosophy of Childlife Preschool is to create a caring, positive atmosphere that will motivate children to learn and develop physically, socially and emotionally. It is our goal to help children discover the joy of learning and have the desire to achieve that will last all their lives. We are committed to guiding children to develop a positive self-concept to be successful in their future educational endeavors.

We believe that a child is a unique individual developing at his or her own rate. Our classrooms invite active, independent exploration and discovery. Each classroom clearly and consistently defines the limits and boundaries within which our students are free to function. Each classroom’s environment facilitates different learning styles, acknowledges differences in developmental levels, and offers flexibility to varying degrees of readiness, and still is structured to encourage each child’s academic success.

“Knowledge is not something that is given to children as though they were empty vessels to be filled. Children acquire knowledge about the physical and social worlds in which they live through playful interaction with objects and people. Children do not need to be forced to learn; they are motivated by their own desire to make sense of the world”

– Shirley E. Robinson, E.C.E. Founder