We developed our curriculum to be age appropriate and based on developmental milestones and academic skills that are specific to each age group.  Lesson plans are based upon ongoing assessments of the students within the class. The teacher formulate activities to solidify the student's current developmental level as well as offer new and challenging opportunities to encourage the students to explore and develop the skills needed for the next level. The activities encompass multi-sensory opportunities to connect to the students' learning styles represented in the classroom. This type of planning allows our teachers to offer curriculum that is individualized to meet each child's approach to learning.

We use very broad, student-centered themes as a springboard to encourage student participation, increase their curiosity and develop self-motivation to investigate and learn about new topics.

The Creative Curriculum®:

We use The Creative Curriculum® as the framework for our teachers to record their classroom lesson plans. The Creative Curriculum® helps our school create a high-quality learning environment that enables every child to become a creative, confident thinker. For more information about The Creative Curriculum®, click here.

Each day at Preschool is a time of growth and exploration for young children.

Preschool Teachers are educated in Early Childhood expectations and developmental guidelines for children from birth to age 8. Children “Play to Learn” during these formative years of development prior to Kindergarten.  

The Preschool teacher provides games and activities in the classroom and playgrounds to challenge and develop each child’s emerging skills. The children in our preschool classrooms develop positive social skills through interaction with adults and fellow students.

Preschool is the Foundation of knowledge and skills children build upon once they enter the formal education of Elementary School.

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